Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in Classroom

In addition to the new process of signing in via the Raptor system and presenting your state ID when visiting the school, any person looking to volunteer with children in any capacity is required to fill out a volunteer application and attend volunteer training. Training is only required once, and the school provides an opportunity for training multiple times throughout the year.

Hilton Herons

Hilton Herons meet in the cafeteria at 9AM on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. These volunteers do odd jobs for the teachers to make their jobs easier.


Various programs throughout the year require parent volunteers to make them a success. Usually, a sign up genius link is sent out via email to those who have signed up for the PTA email list and on Facebook.

Join the Board

The PTA Board members serve 2 year terms in their positions. There are also opportunities to be coordinators of various committees.

President (The Team Leader) - leads and coordinates the goals of the PTA, establishes goals and budget for the year, creates the agenda and chairs monthly board meetings, and attends Newport News Council meetings quarterly.

Vice President, Programs (The Party Planner) - plans, coordinates and executes PTA events, oversees Reflections and Citizenship essay competitions, and oversees hospitality program for teachers.

Vice President, Fundraising (The Money Maker) - coordinates PTA fundraising activities which includes the Hilton Hustle, Box Tops, and Amazon Smile

Vice President, Communications (The Storyteller) - manages PTA website, email account and Facebook. Creates and distributes monthly e-newsletter.

Treasurer (The Number Cruncher) - completes audit of PTA finances, maintains ledger for the PTA, and presents financial report to the board monthly. Also assists with establishing the budget for the year.

Recording Secretary (The Fact Finder) - attends all board meetings to record the minutes, and ensures meeting minutes are accurate and electronically filed in designated PTA files.

Volunteer Coordinator (The Social Networker) - coordinates and recruits volunteers for PTA events.

Council Delegate (The Representative) - attends quarterly council meetings and reports back to the Board of any news from Newport News Council PTA.